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No. 55, Ditang Road, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen


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Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 18.30

Saturday: 11.00 - 17.00

Sunday: 12.30 - 16.30 

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After-Sale Service :

If it is a product quality problem, VANPRO will provide free products to the user

1.Warranty Conditions

The product is covered under warranty service if it meets all the conditions below:

1.1For the user that has a purchase recording: The warranty period is 180 days after the purchasing date .

1.2The warranty is due to factory defects in materials or workmanship that will be judged by our technical staff upon inspection of the goods received.

Remarks: For the product that has lapsed it’s warranty period and has been repaired in the past, will also offer 60 days guarantee on the repair (the 60 days cover will begin after the goods have been returned to the customer (Date of return)。

The product will have its warranty void if any of the following conditions are founded (we call it non-warranty service).

2.1 The 240 days warranty period or 180 days purchase period has lapsed.

2.2. The user disassembled or changed/modified the internal structure of the product.

2.3 The product was damaged due to incorrect use (exposure non-waterproof product to water or any other liquid, hit, knock or crushed etc.)

  1. Shipping Cost

3.1 For customer’s in China: If the product is covered under warranty, the shipping cost from customer to VANPRO is paid by the customer, in return VANPRO will pay for the shipping cost for returning the repaired product to the customer.

3.2 For customer’s outside of China: Whether the product is covered under warranty or not, all the shipping costs are paid by the customer. And, please contact VANPRO ;s distributors in your country for the warranty and non-warranty service to avoid the expensive shipping cost.

  1. After-sales Service Procedure

Detailed description of the above graphic:

4.1. If the product is non-serviceable and is confirmed to be defective, please contact our CS (Customer Service) department by telephone, Email, MSN, QQ etc.

4.2 Our CS department will check if the damaged product is due to incorrect use.

4.3 If our CS department confirms that the defected product needs repair, the customer should fill out the 《WARRANTY AND NON-WARRANTY SERVICE FORM》 and then send it together with the defective products purchase  to VANPRO;s address (For the users that cannot print the 《WARRANTY AND NON-WARRANTY SERVICE FORM》, please send a paper noted with the user name, address, contact information, a small description of the symptoms that are occurring with the product and special requirements that are need for the repair )

4.4 VANPRO evaluates the damage and the cosmetic appearance of the products and will contact the customer by phone or e-mail about the repair fees and payment Information, if the customer agrees with the repair fees; VANPRO will repair the product immediately upon payment of the repair fee.

4.5 VANPRO will contact the customer to confirm their contact information(consignee, phone number and address etc) and send the products back to customer as soon as possible.(VANPRO will repair the defected products within 5 working days and make arrangements in a prompt manner to return the product together with the original purchase certificate/invoice/receipt to the rightful owner ) Please note no product will be repaired or shipped to the customer/rightful owner unless the repair fee has been paid (only the shipping fee is applicable for warranty repairs no repair fee)

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