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DIY  electric skateboard


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Different heights! different worlds! 

 An envy for Conan to master flying skateboard, with the knowledge for brushless power, wireless remote control. Trying skateboard accessories research, exploring some DIY accessories gradually, and constantly creating a wireless DIY electric skateboard. The feeling of the first free-sliding experience made me feel the joy of trying to explore fun!

Brief introduction of skateboard to the electric one:

Basic Construction: the remote control send signal to the receiver - the receiver is linked to the ESC (driver) - the ESC drives the motor forward and brake - the motor drives the wheel through the bracket synchronizing wheel. (The battery is connected to the ESC power supply, which can be added with a protection board when charging.)

First, confirm the plate type of the skateboard you have: for example, longboard, double-curved, small fish-plate (plate type determines the bridge, wheels, battery box size).

Second, confirm the shape of the bridge. The conventional electric skateboard modification bracket is assembled with a hub diameter of 18 mm and a round bar bridge. The round bar bridge can be rounded off by itself, and the non-round bar is recommended to replace the one that purchased from merchants. The motor bracket is selected according to the bridge specifications. The bridge and the motor are fixed by brackets, and they work through belts connected with synchronous wheels.

Third, confirm the wheel’s specifications, and the different wheels are equipped with corresponding synchronous wheels. Wheels with holes are generally be selected because the suitable one can be designed. Use a screw to thread the wheel from the side of the wheel into the related screw hole on the synchronous wheel. Fix the wheel and the synchronous wheel together.

7243-wheel size means that 72 is the diameter of the wheel, while 43 is the width of the wheel.

Fourth, the driving power selection. The common motor size of the electric skateboard is 5065, while the double drive considers the length of the motor, and can be placed with 2 motors.

Commonly used KV 270,320,400.KV. The smaller the power, the slower the load. The opposite is also true. The ESC is generally equipped with 120A.  Pay attention to the compatibility of the motor ESC, or it is easy to block the rotation.

Fifth, battery circuit. The battery determines the battery life according to the capacity voltage, and it’s selected by yourself. Adding a protective board as a charging protection circuit is the perfect choice. Need to add a shell to the bottom of the skateboard.

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