Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 5065 Brushless Motor Mount Bracket+Cruising Wheel

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1. Note that only round trucks are available in diameter: 18MM, which requires simple grinding of the trucks. If there is no processing capability, DIY products should be purchased with caution!
2. Motor requirements: Only suitable for 50series(5065)brushless motor, motor shaft end plane screw fixing hole spacing: Φ30.0* 30.0,The motor shaft diameter must be 8MM 
3. Please make sure that the PU wheel hole style is appropriate,Works with Orangatang Kegel 80MM WHEELS  DOWNHILL LONGBOARDING Cruising Wheels. diameter:80MM Width: 56MM pu wheel 10 round wheel holes。then place an order to purchase!
4. 5M HTD belt width 10MM perimeter270MM  Pulleys Kit set 5M 36/12
5. Mount:Only suitable for 50series(5065)brushless motor
SKU: SKU1332
NAME:5065 motor Mount Orangatang Kegel Pulley wheel assembly
1.50,series stainless steel Mount
Mount boss can into the Pulley wheel (inside hollowing outto )shorten  the Trucks  fixed distance, 
Only suitable for round Trucks ,  Cautious purchased,Make sure to machine your skateboard Trucks  to 18mm diameter.
The spacing of fixing holes for fixing motor screws on the Mountof brushless motor: Φ 30.0 * 30.0
Adjustable  belt circumference 225-285MM
2. The large Pulley wheel has an inner diameter of 22mm, which is integrated with the wheel 
and fits into the skateboard Trucks  to ensure that the diameter of the Trucks  is less than 18MM.
Suitable for PU wheels with a diameter of 6MM, a center distance of two holes of 9.5MM, and 10 round holes
The large Pulley wheel has an inner diameter of 22mm, which is integrated with the wheel and fits 
into the skateboard Trucks  to ensure that the 
wheel, the hole diameter is fixed by M5 screws, the standard wheel is :
Orangatang KegelWHEEL diameter: 80mm, width: 56mm PU wheel inner 10 round wheel holes
 Mount  :stainless steel + iron ,      Strong and durable hardness is not deformed
 Pulley wheel:aluminum
   Mount : weight:210g     Trucks  mounting hole diameter: 18MM
    Trucks  mounting ring outside diameter: 39MM
    width: 63mm             length: 132mm
    Motor mounting hole diameter: 4MM
       Pulley wheel:   net weight:180g   
    5M Pulley wheel: large teeth 36 / small teeth 12
   Size Pulley gear teeth 11MM
    Large Pulley wheel hollowed out inside diameter:46MM
    Small sync wheel inner diameter:8MM 
    Belt:5M perimeter270  width 10MM 
PackagePackage Included: 
1 * raised iron ring  1 * single plate stainless steel
1*3MML wrench     5*M4 nut
5 * screw M4 * 14   5* M6*12
5* top wire m4*3    1 * 5m Datong walking wheel
 1 * 5m small synchronous wheel
1 * 2.0mml wrench  1 * 1.5mml wrench
1 * 4.0mml wrench  1 * 5m10mm belt 270
5*M4*3 screws        5* screw M3*3
7 * bolt M5 * 45        1 * stainless steel ring
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank for your understanding. 

Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 5065 Brushless Motor Mount Bracket+Cruising Wheel

SKU: sku1332us
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