VANPRO electric skateboard DIY V1 Edition 2.4G mini remote control receiver tran

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For the whole machine brand electric skateboard, please do not buy this remote control (most FOC solution hub motor) can not install the receiver of this remote control. Not compatible with other brand remote controls. (Brand skateboarding is not a FOC solution / can install this receiver, is a brushless high-speed ESC support 2.4GPWM remote control, and then consider buying)
Can match VESC open source / HobbyWing / ZTW / SKYRC / YPG / FVT / Castle /  brushless  ESC, (Can only be used for 2.4G PWM signal brushless ESC, not for FOC remote control/controller solution) Can only match the brushless ESC high-speed ESC.
the frequency matching is completed mustbe Pull out the frequency cable. 2 Channels – CH1 and CH2 Signal: 2.4G PWM /throttle adjustment(ch2)Self-transmitting/non-rotating adjustment speed /expand module switch(ch1)(With a signal such as an electronic switch control light) 
80 meters away through the metal shield 

Need to purchase two 5th batteries


Brand: VANPRO <br>
SKU: SKU1130 <br>
Name: vanpro 2.4G mini remote control (including receiver) <br>
Applicable: electric skateboard, RC model car <br>
Size: 130MM*90MM*60MM <br>
Colour: Black <br>
Weight: 0.2 LB <br>
Number of channels: 2 <br>
Frequency: 2.4G Signal: PWM <br>
Applicable: Brushless PWM signal ESC (not compatible with other brands) <br>
Distance: 80 meters <br>
Battery: 2 AA batteries can be used for a long time <br>
Function: forward, reverse, brake, (RC model car can turn left and right) linear acceleration <br>
 Steering gear to fine-tuning, throttle speed fine-tuning <br>
 Plus electronic switch can be achieved on the control of the lamp, the installation of resistance 330Ω can self-locking switch lamp power supply. <br>
 Advantages: signal stability can break through the metal shield, remote control distance. <br>
Packing Includes: <br>
1 Set of 2.4G Receive /sender remote control  <br>
- Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement. <br>
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank for your understanding.  <br>

VANPRO electric skateboard DIY V1 Edition 2.4G mini remote control receiver tran

SKU: sku1129us
Color: black
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